US ARMY Special Forces - ODA

The Special Forces A-Team is comprised of a fully contained 12 man unit capable of operating anywhere on the globe for any length of time. One scenario for which they train is urban warfare. This can be anything from close quarters battle to hostage rescue. Armed with exhaustive training and the latest combat technology the select few chosen are truly America's elite.

Special Forces ODA A Team Special Forces
Special Forces Detachment Alpha

A few photos are of actual Special Forces soldiers training. One in particular was often seen in the media and was displayed on the cover of Newsweek magazine. I based this action figure on all of the operators collectively. Another inspiration was Dragon Models figure Clay Ramsey, also based on the same photographs but left much to be desired. This was my take on what that figure could have been. The most important feature from these photos is the helmet with the unique custom camouflage.

For this figure I experimented with making fabric gloves. The material I used was not that flexible and it took a very long time to finally get a pair that did not fall apart. The helmet was made from two or three existing helmets and given that distinct texture. I modified other parts as well such as giving the boots wide laces. One of my favorite parts of this figure is the Toy Soldier Eagle TAC V10 vest.

Special Forces Combat Boots Special Forces A Team

Green Berets practice room clearing as part of their urban warfare training. Whether clearing a city block or during hostage rescue, they stand ready to deploy anywhere in the world.

Live for something rather than die for nothing.
—George S. Patton