Kenn Miller LRRP

US ARMY Ranger Kenn Miller - Vietnam

In the jungles of Vietnam, the Recondo was the eyes and ears of the United States Army. Using guerilla tactics in small teams usually no more than six, these stealthy warriors located, observed, and sometimes ambushed the enemy. In Vietnam Kenn Miller was a long range recon patroller or LRRP, a Ranger, for the 101st Airborne Division. His experiences on missions behind enemy lines are chronicled in his book series Six Silent Men.

Kenn Miller LRRP Kenn Miller LRRP

This figure is from Toy Soldier and was the show exclusive at A Weekend of Heroes in 2007. I lightly weathered the figure but it is basically straight out of the box. These pictures were a fun way of experimenting with trying to capture the feel of Vietnam though some photo aging effects.

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