"We go now to Los Angeles this evening where reports of two gunmen are firing automatic weapons at police while attempting to flee the scene of a robbery gone bad. Our news helicopter is over the scene bringing us these live shots of the pursuit."

"We have obtained the security camera footage of one of the gunmen from the robbery earlier today. As you can see the hooded gunmen armed with automatic weapons and appear to be wearing body armor."

"These gunmen are continuing to keep the police at a distance with sporatic gunfire. The police are telling residents in the area to stay inside and get on the ground. Even the helicopters are even keeping their distance with the automatic gunfire."

For a moment it appears the gunmen have elluded the police and the helicopter searchlight.

Police Radio: "All units be advised, RP has witnessed suspects running outside their apartment located at 12800 North Alvarado. Code three incident. Metro is responding." Robert-Twelve-David in position. I have a visual on two suspects heading west on Washington at Atlantic. Ready to Engage!"

"Green light Robert-Twelve!" "Tango down!"

"Robert-Twelve-David suspect one is down. Requesting an RA at this location. Suspect two is running southbound on Atlantic. I do not have a visual on suspect two. Does anyone have eyes on the suspect?"

"This is Air 10. I have a visual on suspect two..."

"...moving southwest crossing a parking lot at Atlantic and Soto. Can we get a unit to block the to the west?"

"Copy that location be advised Robert-Six-David is on Atlantic heading east. Code six moving to intercept."

"Shots fired! Engaging hostile."

"Air 10 I have eyes on suspect two. Eleven-Robert-Six are you okay?." "Affirmative. Keep the area lit up. Standby for location.

"This is Eleven-Robert-Six-David requesting a traffic stop east and westbound Lincoln. Standing by for incident supervisor.

"We need the perimeter to keep the bystanders back. It looks like we are going to be here awhile."

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.
—Mark Twain