Cobra - Custom Action Figures: One-Sixth Scale

The Cobra infantry soldier is the heart of the Cobra terrorist organization, whose goal is control of the world! They are the lowest ranking people in the organization, highly motivated and eager to fight.

This figure represents the basic Cobra soldier, highly influenced by the World War II German uniform. The style of this character comes from the early 1980's GI Joe comic books by Marvel. He is armed with an Mp5, a modern weapon that fit with the web harness and provided a little variation on the original 3¾" figure. The most important part of this figure to me was the large Cobra sigil on his chest. To avoid an odd-looking shirt, I applied the Cobra logo to a matching armored vest.

Cobra The Enemy

The design of this figure takes the Nazi uniform and gives it modern elements such as the Mp-5 submachine-gun with paired magazines and taclight. A body armor vest allows for the full cobra logo to be displayed without breaking it up for buttons or a zipper. The logo is not red to draw more realism for a uniform even though it is blue.

The mix of modern tactical gear and older style elements provide familiar look that has been seen by some artists in various GI Joe comics.

Cobra Action Figure

From the beginning of GI Joe the Cobra Grunt has been the staple enemy.

Cobra grunts are the backbone of the terrorist organization.

Specialized in large and small scale combat and sabotage, the Cobra soldier is an experienced soldier that has shown complete dedication to his goals.

Cobra Grunt

As an early custom figure, I learned quite a bit about patterning uniforms and got to experiment a bit with different methods of applying logos to fabric. This figure is by no means perfect but to me represents how much fun this hobby can be.

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