Here are links to other one sixth scale related websites on the internet. In recent years there have been quite a few changes in the toy industry as old companies fade away and new companies spring up and take their place. This page is by no means comprehensive but is designed as a starting point to exploring the one-sixth world.


message boards


One Sixth Warrior Forum (OSW)

One of the largest message boards covering the broad topic of anything in the 1/6 world. This board focuses predominately on military-themed figures.

Sideshow Freaks

Sideshow Freaks

Sideshow Collectibles has a very diverse portfolio of licenses and collectibles from figures, to props, to artwork. Sideshow Freaks mirrors this plethora of interests with sections for discussing each of them.


Men With Dolls (MWD)

This message board specializes in one-sixth female figures and also contains a great GI Joe section.

Sixth Division

The Sixth Division

The Sixth Division is very large message board that focuses on WWII. Even if you are not into WWII figures, many helpful modeling skills can be learned from the board and its helpful tutorial section.



The major Japanese message board for one-sixth figures.



A message board focusing on 1/6th Scale Action Figures of the Vietnam era.

Green Leader

The Ultimate Soldier Unofficial Fan Page

Also known as Green Leader's site, it is one of the first action figure pages on the internet. It is a knowledgebase of all things Ultimate Soldier including a comprehensive archives section.

customizer websites

loco ss

This website features an outstanding 1/6 figure gallery of figures and vehicles. A collaboration of customizers Loco and Takashi who display several scales of figures and vehicles.



This website showcases some very nice custom military figures from all eras. Excellent poses of one-sixth scale figures and mini-dioramas.


Panzerwerk is no longer active or selling. This link now goes to their facebook page. If you are looking for WWII 1:6 armor you should still be aware of what they made in the past. With a wonderful gallery of 1/6 scale tanks & vehicles from WWII, the quality of their products is unmatched.

Cpl Ho's One Sixth Kitbashes

Cpl Ho's One Sixth Kitbashes

The personal site of Cpl Ho featuring his gallery of one-sixth military creations.


Fortress of Testicular Fortitude

A blog about collecting by Shaun in Singapore. Check out his incredible collection.

Ryan Nagata

Ryan Nagata

Ryan Nagata has a small gallery of this work on his website and I must say each of them are top notch! Be sure to check out his John Glenn Mercury Astronaut.


A NOTE ABOUT MANUFACTURERS: Below is a listing of some of the manufacturers in the 1/6 scale hobby. Because of the nature of the hobby, companies and names change from time to time. A portion of these companies are based in China, where nameless factories may produce figures or parts and turn around and produce similiar product for another brand or even sell factory seconds. These listings are not an endorsement of these brands but are rather provided as an educational listing. Suggestions and updates are welcome.

21st century toys (TUS)

One of the original manufacturers of mass market action figures that launched the current age of this hobby with The Ultimate Soldier, due to bankruptcy, no longer exists. Produced figures from all eras. (currently no website)


blue box toys (bbi)

Makers of the Elite Force and Pb action figure lines. A mass-market version of the Elite Force line is available at Toys R Us for a time. Blue Box Toys stopped one-sixth production for a while but has since re-launched their action figure line.


dragon models (dml)

Dragon originally made model kits but branched off into one-sixth figures and accessories quite successfully in the 1990s. They also occassionally produce 1/6 scale vehicles and kits. Available at hobby stores.


dragon in dreams (Did)

Dragon in Dreams is a direct competitor with Dragon and may be a separation of their workforce. Both companies have a focus on WWII military however also produced modern-era figures.

12 Inch Warriors

GI Joe (Hasbro)

Hasbro is the manufacturer G.I. Joe toys and brought about the first action figure GI Joe in 1964. They seem to stop and re-launch their 12" figure line every few years. One of the largest mass-market toy companies around. Possibly also a ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world.

Hot Toys

Hot toys

Formerly a small producer, after partnering with Sideshow they have become the dominant manufacturer of licensed movie action figures. Considered by many to be the high-end of the one-sixth scale market in terms of quality and price.

Soldier Story

Soldier Story

Formerly a direct competitor to Hot Toys military figures, Soldier Story is now a leading producer of modern one-sixth scale military action figures. Soldier Story has also produced several figures from other eras.

Triad Toys

Triad Toys

Triad Toys was a small company specializing in one-sixth scale female figures however they may have closed up shop after quality issues and slow sales. They acquired several Dark Horse Comics licenses for Ghost, Barb Wire, Zorro among others.


Sideshow Collectibles (SSC)

A comic book collectibles company with some very big high-end licenses like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Terminator. Also distributes for companies such as Hot Toys & Medicom in the United States. Sideshow produces all sorts of other collectibles from artwork to full-scale props.

Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier

A small Hong Kong based company specializing in Modern and Vietnam-era figures and gear. Unfortunately they have stopped producing 1/6 lines and are now focused on reproduction 1:1 gear for airsoft.

Cal Tek

Cal Tek

Cal Tek is a distributor for many one-sixth companies based in Asia but also produces action figures and vehicles of their own including WWII, modern, and video game-based action figures. Currently no active website.

ACI Toys

ACI Toys

ACI produces a unique variety of historic and fashion figures and accessories not often seen by other companies including the Roman Legion and Crusader action figures.

Medicom Toy

Medicom Toy

Japanese company commonly associated with major movie licenses. Their one-sixth scale bodies are on the smaller side in comparison with other companies. While popular in Japan, they are pretty rare in other markets.

Toys City

Toys City

Toys City is a company in Asia which tends to produce figures and accessories based on popular items previously released by others. They have begun developing their own sets recently.

Playhouse Toys

Playhouse Toys/Saturday Toys

A company in Asia focused on modern one-sixth action figures, accessories, and sets. Largely copies of previously released gear. Their website does not appear to be active and their facebook account has not been updated after 2010.


DAM Toys

DAM produces military themed unlicensed one-sixth scale figures from popular movies. Known for stylized character headsculpts. First appeared in 2012. Their website does not have their latest previews.

Kaustic Plastik

Kaustic Plastik

An Italian company producing historic Roman and related one-sixth scale action figures.

Barrack Sergeant

Barrack Sergeant

Barrack Sergeant is best known for producing uniquely British themed gear. Likely an inactive company. (no website)

Art figures


Company that produces historic and unlicensed movie figures.

ZC Toys

ZC Toys/ZC World

A company based in Hong Kong known for their female figures and sets which has branched out into modern sets and a little of everything including movie licenses, animation, soccer players, and more.

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Here are links to other one sixth scale related websites on the no means comprehensive but is designed as a starting point to exploring the one-sixth world. Contact the webmaster.

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