Custom Action Figures: Delta Force Sniper
1993 Mogadishu, Somalia. The United States has sent the premiere covert special missions operators known as Delta Force into the region to stabilize the country which plunged into civil war as opposing warlords battle for power. These warring factions are starving and killing civilians by intercepting food and medical supplies from the UN. Mohamed Farrah Aidid is among the most powerful and ruthless of the warlords and was the target of operation gothic serpent.
The battle which ensued on October 3rd and 4th is among the more publicized operations of Delta Force as was chronicled in the movie Black Hawk Down.
This figure is made from the D-Boy Sniper Set from Toy Soldier. In my opinion this is one of their finest releases. I made a few modifications to the set, most notably swapping the rifle for a custom M-14.
Delta Force Operator with an M14 sniper rifle

Delta Force Operator Brad Pitt   Delta Force Sniper takes aim at the rooftops with an M-14 sniper rifle

Delta Force Operator leads the way.

The rifle is a convered BBI DMR which was turned into the more common camouflaged m-14. It has some of the best detail around.

A close up of the gear the Delta Force Operator carries   Delta Force Operator takes aim with his rifle

Delta Force in Mogadishu   Toy Soldier D-Boy Sniper Set

Delta Force Operator secures the landing zone for Black Hawk a helicopter

For further reading about the battle of Mogadishu read the book Black Hawk Down, A Story of Modern War by Mark Bowden, In the Company of Heroes by Michael Durant, a pilot who was held as a captive after the battle, and The Battle of Mogadishu by Army Ranger Matthew Eversmann, whose book recalls different accounts and perspectives of the battle. Another great read is Inside Delta Force by Eric Haney which chronicles the formation and early days of America's most elite covert operations unit.

"Leave no man behind."

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