Events Gallery - A Weekend of Heroes December 2009

Here we are at the first December show for A Weekend of Heroes. It was not a very busy show but it was good to meet up with everyone at a different time in the year. This show featured two exclusives, a 1:18 scale Jolly Rogers F-14 Tomcat with working lights and a 1:6 scale Ghost Recon style helmet and a licensed crye multicam figure.
A Weekend of Heroes in December One Large Tomcat the Biggest 1:18 Plane Jolly Rogers Jolly Rogers Tomcat One Large Tomcat
Crye for me Advanced Warfighter F105 Starfighter Messerschmitt Me109 The Mini Armored Division
crye multicam warriors Regimental Combat Team Marine From the land of B movies From the land of B movies Ladies swat figure Snake Plisken
biggest lens ever Gestapo or 007? not child safe Thriller Michael Jackson action figure pull the pin Terminator Salvation

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