Intelligence: Dossier
About Me
As a kid growing up in the 1980s I loved the 3 inch GI Joes. As I got older I began to attend local shows and meets where I met other collectors. At these shows companies like Tripwire Toys and Cotswold produced great looking custom gear for one-sixth figures but it was out of my price range. I was not originally into one-sixth scale figures but with the onset of The Ultimate Soldier producing great looking uniforms and equipment, I could no longer resist. At this point I saw custom figures by guys like Mike T Cherry and I realized I had the opportunity to customize my figures into what I liked. For me the hobby was transformed from collecting to modeling where this new scale brought detail that just was not possible with smaller scales. With online websites and message boards, the one sixth scale hobby has transformed into a truly world-wide community. Sharing pictures and trading spare parts though the mail has become a big part of the hobby as it continues to change. The online community encouraged me to get into photography and has helped me keep up my programming and web design knowledge.

The best part about this hobby is meeting new people and making new friends. It is great to be able to share and learn new things about building but also about another theme of this hobby, history. This hobby is a perfect fit for me because it seems to combine so many different things I enjoy. I hope this website will contribute in this regard and may you find this hobby as enjoyable as I do.

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