episode II photographs

The great Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood!

The point where the line started 6 weeks before, and the telephones George Lucas called to talk with the fans who waited so long.

Those who were in line early that day were given free orange Star Wars Lego T-Shirts!

This is a view of the line around the corner from where we stood. We were approximately number 250 in line.

A few Imperials were on patrol but the crowd was good mannered.

A couple of Star Wars fans who waited in line.

A friend of mine poses for the local news. A lot of news media were present and even a few helicopters as the hour grew near.

Here Vader, Boba Fett and an Imperial Officer were looking for someone named Skywalker.

After dark the tension grew and Boba Fett was called in to restore order.

Sean Austin was there too!

As midnight approached, the line grew longer and much larger. By eleven o'clock it was standing room only.

The front of the line. The most crowded place, where the life-sized Yoda resided. photo viceroy_craig

I Wish I had more pics of the line moving and inside the theater but they wouldn't let me bring my camera in. A few people did get cameras in but most every picture I have seen is dark or blurry inside the building.

Grauman's digital showing and THX sound made the opening night the best anywhere. The screen was flawless and the color magnificent as was the sound. The only thing louder than the sound system was the cheering audience of fans as opening title came up!