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Welcome to my website dedicated to one-sixth scale action figure customizing. I made this site to showcase some of the local events of this hobby and to share the figures from my own collection. I hope this website will help to inspire others and further grow the hobby and provide a great resource to the one-sixth scale action figure and modelling community.

upcoming events:
Burbank GI Joe Collector Show $5 admission Free Parking. Burbank, Cal. - Sunday, Dec 2, 2012
Sacramento GI Joe Collector Show 6151 H St. Sacramento, Ca 95819 - Sunday, Sept 23, 2012
Burbank GI Joe Collector Show $5 admission Free Parking. Burbank, Cal. - Sunday, March 17, 2012
Joelanta Atlanta, Georgia - Sunday, March 18, 2012
Great Texas GI Joe & Action Figure Expo Arlington, Texas - September 3-4, 2011
Echo Base Toys BBQ Temple City, California - Sunday, August 22, 2010
2011 International G.I. Joe Convention Orlando, Florida - Thursday, March 31 - April 3, 2011

I had a blast meeting many of you at Weekend of Heroes this year. Be sure to check out the Events Gallery for photos. I hope to post pictures of my entry into the show in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned.

the latest:

Burbank GI JOE Show

Fast approaching is the Burbank GI Joe show by James DeSimone. After many years of silence, James has agreed to put on another show since there have not been any local events going on for a while. I'm sure there will be a lot of the original crew there. Hope to see you there too!


So have I been working on any Action Figures?

The answer is yes! Not to the point of having full figures done but hopefully with a little time I can put some updates up.


Good News everyone!

Twisted Plastic is back. It took a couple of days with tech support with the server host but apparently they did not migrate my server properly. But now we are back!
06/03-Okay I don't update this nearly as often as I'd like but I have a good excuse! Really! Pictures from the One Sixth Xpo this last weekend at Frank & Son's are now up, a new record high for photographs. I am also working on a new section for the site which will let me update easier and more often. Hopefully!

11/24-Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone. Christmas is just around the corner!

10/04-Complete assembled tripod painted including one telescoping leg.

10/01-The 12.7mm ammo can gets paint inside and out.

9/27-Test fitting the parts with a basecoat applied. Getting closer Comrade!

9/26-A better picture of the complicated anti-aircraft sight. Now I need to tackle the rear AA sight.

9/25-A fuzzy picture of the complicated anti-aircraft sight I have been working on. I am running out of parts to build!

9/22-I havent been able to update in a while but I have been working on this project. Heres a look at the tripod that is replacing the Ultimate Soldier tripod from the 30 cal I was using.

6/29-I raced to get as much done on the DShk for the Weekend of Heroes show and I did finish the feed mechanism but there was still plenty yet to be finished. I brought it to the show anyway because I thought it might be interesting to see it before its completed and I did not feel like rushing through the final details. Recently I made wood grips for the weapon and worked on the trigger group.

6/4-DShKM Muzzle brake and reciever.

6/3- Aligning the charging handle assembly to the mount.

6/3- More small parts including the front and rear sights.

5/31- Still working on this project, hoping to have it finished by Weekend of Heroes. Just four days left! Here is the barrel with the gas tube assembly.

5/13- I have only been able to work on this project a little of late but I am still working on it! This might look kind of odd but what I am doing is making a perfectly round piece out of styrene sheet by using coins as a sandwich to get the right shape. Oreos anyone?

5/3-More small parts!

5/2-Test fitting the parts of the DShKM mount. So far so good!

5/1-Can you identify this part?

4/30-Cutting out the curved portion on the receiver where the barrel connects.

4/28-Added the accessory rail to the mount and worked on some of smaller pieces. the muzzle brake is painted because it looks difficult to paint after its completely assembled.

4/27-Fabricated a new barrel, this time from lighter fiber washers. The brass was just bringing too much weight to the front and I was not completely happy with the alignment. The feed tray and cover have both been started and the hole for the barrel has been drilled out. In this photo you can see the bolt better underneath the receiver.

4/25- the base of the DShKM receiver, about 13 different pieces including a bolt carrier on a rail underneath:

4/24- Making the barrel rings for the DShKM:

The ribbed barrel constructed with brass washers:

4/23- The ridge added to the mount walls which have been bored out to swivel for elevation. the circular cut was a portion that took a while to plan and was successful after about the third try:

4/22- Shapes that will be turned into the reciever:

4/21- The Machine gun build step one, the ammo can:

4/19- What is this latest project? Can you guess what it is? I am making it for the one sixth weapons contest at the OSW!

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